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    "It's'n' mutter-brutter," says the man after a few second of contemplating what the humanoid in front of him said.

    "But I'm no Charlie, oh my brother," he says, shaking Ka'Xet's hand. "I'm just your humble droogie-caller for to tangle right when we have a little bit of the ultra-violence. Does it scribblin'. You've got some yarbles to try to platz the plank-wheel with the fleshy bag. Kelres Noxon be the my capper, but about is The Caller."
    It was nothing, brother. Please forgive me correction, but I'm not a cleric, my friend. In point of fact, and humbly I set forth for your reckoning, I use my means of calling upon help from others when events require a less diplomatic resolve. I accomplish because I am a binder. I admit that that I admire your bravery in trying to stop the runaway cart with your body. My name is Kelres Noxon .... Esquire, but I tend to be known simply as 'The Caller.'

    Korian palm slaps his forehead ... just as Lazer, Celiss, and Darrius catch up.

    Ka'Xet, it is as if this strange human with the crying eyes and extra fingers could've been family to you ... as if you are one soul separated only by race.
    Does his name sound familiar, gonzo? It should. If you read the thread before you showed (and even just after you did show), then you will well recognize the existence of Nae'eth'oli (aka Quickslayer). Now, if it turns out that brute is in this world ..... it stands to reason, then, that so was his travelling buddy. This guy with pale skin and somewhat hale and sickly at the same time .... liked to blast bad guys with called lightning ... had to scribble various pictures to gain the abilities of mysterious creatures from beyond known as vestiges.

    That's right ... you just met yourself.
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