Viola's heart pounds as she is poisoned again and again. "Another time you've saved us all with your words, Wolfen. I fear I might owe you something after all this."

She slides closer to the dragon then erupts in a cloud of bats, which tear across the battlefield leaving confusion in their wake. She is nowhere to be found when the attack is over.

Thanks for the surge: he can pump out the aoe damage!
Move: Shift to I8
Standard: Swarm of Shadows diagonally up and left to hit the lizard and Dragon.
(1d20+11)[27] v Dragon R
(1d20+11)[20] v lizard R
On hit (3d6+13)[24] and 5 OG
On miss half damage
I teleport to F5 and gain invisible until the start of my next turn

Save vs OG (1d20+2)[6]

HP 8/43 Surges 2/2
I was at 22, surged for 10 so that's 32
I took 23 so that's 9
I took 5 OG then regen 4, so that's 8
Bloodied, Slowed, 5 OG poison