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    Quote Originally Posted by Narren View Post
    How is spamming sending each day easier than just retrieving her and debriefing her. And if they suspect that she's a spy, there are plenty of ways to discern her identity. And if she is, great! You caught a spy!
    Scry and die tactics are limited, so whoever is teleporting would be going in blind. If it was a spy, they would be dead before they could feel betrayed, with little chance of getting Raised since their bodies are behind enemy lines. If what kills them isn't a caster that could kill all of them in one go, its a vary large number of Goblinoids. Even if they are all level 1 goblins, there is a threat there. If they are above level 1 goblins, well...

    Here is what the target of her Sending WILL know, whether it is some kingdom or a group of paladins, etc. After all, if this is common knowledge to other kingdoms, you would think it would spread to militant groups like paladins, etc so there shouldn't be anyone out of the loop that she could want to contact:

    The area owned by an Epic caster
    It is filled with an army of mooks led by a second caster who is a very high level.
    Someone wants them to teleport over to get picked up.
    Scrying on the area is impossible.

    That just looks like a bad idea for me. Mostly because of the threat of this scenario:
    *Party Teleports in*
    "Hi. I'm Xykon. Know what rhymes with 'Inappropriate epic encounter?'"
    "Surprise rounds and quickened 9th level spells."
    "That doesn't..."
    *Quickened Meteor swarm. Meteor swarm* Total of 62d6 damage
    Whether or not it's possible from what we know of Xykon's casting doesnt matter. In all honesty, you could replace the Quickened Meteor swarm with basically any quickened spell...Chain Lightning, Fireball, Enervation on the caster, Scorching ray...the list goes on and the outcome is always a party wipe. And that's just with evocation spells and Enervation, Xykons favored tactics.

    Teleporting in to a dangerous area to get one-shot by a guy that wont even notice the spell slots he used to do it are gone seems... Vaarsuvius-ish, you know?
    As Yendor pointed out, the Cloister was renewed semi-recently so we have weeks if not months before anyone would be able to Send back to her.

    Would you be able to, in good conscience, ask a party to Teleport into hostile territory without any/much/useful recon knowing what I listed as common knowledge? For someone that could just as easily be Paladin Mook with a great sword #87, or bait for a trap, or a spy, or Xykon himself, or...

    If so, I suppose we now know why there aren't many high level casters left, to paraphrase a certain imp.
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