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Thread: GitP PrC Contest Chat Thread IV

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    Mine is ending up catering to the Hordificer with a touch of Gish, and is actually quite awesome.

    EDIT: Basics are up. I'll probably end up tweaking a lot of stuff around though. Probably swap Magitech Upgrades to 5/10 levels instead of 3/10 and add Magitech Sense upgrades. Note that the entry is very late and the actual difficult ability to grab is Improved Homunculus, which is a level 9 grab on a Wizard instead of an Artificer.

    Magitech Templar is a minimum 4 levels, so yeah. I might tweak entry around so you can enter at 9th level, but don't hold your breath.

    I may or may not add a feat that lets you combine Magitech Templar and Artificer for determining the DCs of your Magitech Upgrades and your artificer level for the purposes of Artificer Knowledge (and possibly another feature).
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