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    Alias: Lilandra (Sleet is actually just a nickname, this is her true name. She despises it.)
    Gender: Female
    Race: Elf
    Class: Blackguard/Cleric
    Age: 140 (Although, really, I'm not very good at elf ages, so it's really anyone's guess. It's meant to be roughly mid twenties in human years.)
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Class/Profession: Bounty hunter / Retired Catcher - Sleet's job used to be to hunt down escaped Goll slaves (technically she was/is a slave as well).
    Description: Sleet can be described as stunningly beautiful. She has beautiful golden curly hair with catching deep blue eyes. She wears white, including a white cloak that she enjoys swirling around herself.

    Personality: Sleet's true personality is still a mystery, and she doesn't really know it herself. To function well at her job she manipulates everyone she can to do her bidding, meaning she's theoretically less at risk from the escaped slave she's capturing. She's a flirt by default. However, when she drops the act she can be very deeply caring about a select few or very, very superior or nasty towards the majority. However she doesn't drop the act very often.
    Equipment: Sleet carries a wide variety of potions for just about any purpose. She also has two daggers kept concealed at her belt and a massive bejeweled greatsword that is usually strapped to her back.
    Backstory: Sleet was born in a rural village on a different planet and lived there very happily with her family until she was about thirty, still a child. Then her village was raided by orcs. Her family was slaughtered and she was taken into slavery and sold to the gnolls. After around thirty years, when she was still quite young, the gnolls made her a deal. She could have much more personal freedom, enough to eat, and less likelihood of death if she agreed to track down escaped slaves. Frightened of the gnolls, she agreed and quickly became a very good Catcher, becoming a blackguard and changing her alignment from Chaotic Good to Chaotic Evil in the process. Sleet most recently tracked Shada into the Nexus and has been persuaded to attempt to break free of her bonds of slavery.
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