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Hm... two thoughts bouncing around right now, wanted to get your opinions on them.
  • Heritors of the Unknown (Better name pending), a group of Duskblade/Totemists that have taken to offering the souls of the world to the Far Realms in exchange for power, while channeling the power of the far realms into this world, applying it's twisted physics to this world's own, and the
  • Rune Sages (Better name also pernding), a group of Binder/Sorcerers who go back to the very roots of magic, eventually learning to wield the awesomely powerful spellcasting style of the ancients.
I like Rune Sages myself, as I love Binders and sorcery is just plain cool.

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Hmmmmm..... Just had a lot of time free up so I've come up with a few ideas. Can anyone give me their input?

- Blades of Chaos: An ozdrin/martial adapt who uses his flesh to summon the blade of chaos. Is able to summon it in groups to attack, and create a "snake" of blades with this feature.

- Disciple of Ashardalon: A warlock/dragonfire adapt/binder who focuses on following in Ashardalon's footsteps, eventually replacing their heart with one of fiendish origins.

-hmmmm...... I had another one but it seems to evade me at the moment.
My vote goes to Blades of Chaos, as the ozdrin and maneuvers together to do this is something out of a Tzimisce's darkest fantasies.

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Are using homebrew base classes acceptable? Are using SOMEONE ELSE'S base classes, with their given permission acceptable?
If either of those are no, or if I just can't come up with anything else:
Is fusing a non-class to a class acceptable? I'm thinking Lycanthrope-to-something, either arcanist, some UA variant, or... Hmm. I don't know.
Its been fine in the past to use other's work. Most often I've seen xenotheurgy, the ozdrin, the Harrowed, and my own Ebon Initiate used as basis, and Limit Dragoon as well. I may be forgetting others but I've allowed it in the past. Its considered good form to ask someone to use their work.

And lastly yes it must be two classes. UA variants are fine, as they are WotC produced, but template and class isn't in the spirit of the rules. Now you could say make a ranger/druid fuse that does lycanthropic stuff perhaps? I dunno, just an idea.