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Like how I'm catering to Magitech Templar and Artificer, but you could technically get in as a Wizard. It's just much more trying to and eats a lot more feats.

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But... I wanted to combine druid, dread necromancer, and Fax Celestis' "all thief" prc...

Could the next contest be one where the theme is that they require other prestige classes to enter? ("Yo dawg" would be a good title.) Please?
Sorry mate, but thems the breaks. Base classes only. Prolly not next contest, too much of the same thing. The other downside to that is that it makes for a very specific character to get into it, which is something I'm leary of. If I do that, what I might do is a revival contest and say that everyone has to pick from classes in the base class and prestige class contest's past to build from. Opinions on that?