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    I also have a wiki!

    Bolded entries I'm particularly fond of.

    D&D 3.5

    All-New Base Classes
    • The Beastman-- A barbarian-themed wild shape warrior. Gains animalistic features in his own right, and an upgraded version of the Druid's wild shape. Playtested in a group of tier 2-3 classes; excellent versatility, solid offensive and defensive power, and lots of fun. A solid Tier 3. Has been well playtested.
    • Speedster/Windrunner-- Faster than a speeding crossbow bolt! A super-skirmisher type. (It's totally not the Flash. Yes it is. Shut up.)
    • Shadow Assassin-- A bit like a rogue, but with magic and shadow-y abilities.
    • Ringslinger-- It's totally not the-- yes, ok, I can't even pretend it's not Green Lantern. I'm not ashamed.
    • Godspeaker-- The first of my divine caster replacements. A fragile chassis with the Spirit Shaman casting mechanism and Truespeaking abilities.
    • Miracle Worker-- The second of my divine caster replacements. A sturdy, melee-capable chassis with spellcasting limited to a few domains.
    • Savage-- A barbarian-druid-monk crossover, with no gear or magic but plenty of natural weapons and animalisic abilities.
    • Legend-- The highest powered mundane, the pinnacle of "I'm just that good." Meant to stand next to T2 and T3 casters.

    Base Class Fixes

    • Warmage-- Adds more variety in spells, and makes the blasting a bit more effective.
    • Paladin-- Better smiting! Better spells! Actual class abilities! Now with 120% more heroics.
    • Barbarian-- Faster, more DR but less armor, minor improvement of rage, "brute powers" to make combat a bit more interesting. Mostly for more differentiation from the fighter.
    • Druid- A "less broken, more fun" nerf, switching to spontaneous casting, permanently encoding the shapeshift variant, weakening the animal companion, and adding a few more flavorful class features.
    • Sorcerer-- More spells known, actual class features (including heritage abilities based on the Pathfinder sorcerer) and a unique spell-point inspired casting system.
    • Wizard-- Spell list splint into spontaneously-cast battle spells and out-of-battle rituals. Actual class features added.
    • Swashbuckler-- a Tome of Battle version, with wildly enhanced mobility.
    • Ranger-- Merged with Scout, with higher-level abilities added on and a nice coat of polish.
    • Rogue and Swashbuckler-- now merged with the Factotum for ultimate skillmonkey fun.
      Hexblade-- a more powerful curse and useful class features.
    • Fighter-- A combination of feat retraining, expertise dice, special abilities, and actual class features, with three distinct paths to power.

    Prestige Classes

    Races, Skills, Spells, Feats, And More!

    Assorted Musings and Systemic Revisions

    The Simple TAbletop Roleplaying System (STaRS): my rules-light homebrew system. Fast to learn, fast to run, and fast to play.
    • v3 (complete and playtested-- works, but is a little to dependent on GM fiat)
    • v4 (under construction)

    Exalts and Excellencies-- an attempt to capture the feel of Exalted using M&M 3e rules. Tested in a campaign, and works pretty well, although it needs some tweaking.

    FATE of the Stars: a space opera system based on the Dresden Files RPG. Playtested-- works pretty well.

    I rewrite D&D material in Mutants and Masterminds 3e

    Gaols and Giants-- I did a lot of work on this communal "rewrite 3.5 from the ground up" project before it died, as such things inevitably do. What was written is probably pretty good, though-- the non-binary condition tracks in particular, methinks-- and could probably be used as houserules.
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