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    Jane Doe

    "You have spoken to me seventeen different times today, a different person each time. Take comfort in the fact that you've at least met your killer."

    Alias: Jane goes by many fake names. Her real name is unknown.
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Technologically enhanced human.
    Age: 38
    Class/Profession: "Secretary," assassin.

    Description: Almost nobody knows what Jane really looks like, as she is nearly always in some form of disguise. In term of disguises, she prefers to look like a plain, boring woman, with brown hair tied in a bun, dressed in a simple blouse and skirt, and high heels. This, however, is only when she isn't anticipating combat.

    At other times, Jane's appearance will vary incredibly widely, on any factor. She can change her physical form based on age, ethnicity, even seemingly impossible things such as race or gender. If she wanted to, she could appear to be an old, male elf.

    Personality: Much like with her appearance, Jane changes her personality to fit whatever the current situation requires. At any moment, she can be a normal woman in the crowd, a charismatic public speaker, a innocent street orphan, or a ruthless killer, and nobody would know that they are the same person.

    Equipment: Jane carries many different weapons and pieces of equipment. Usually, she has a disguise kit. Often, she prefers to use no weapons at all, but when she does need a weapon, she'll prefer a pistol or knife.

    Abilities: Jane is a master of disguise, able to mold both her appearance and her personality however she wants to. In fact, she'll get so absorbed in the many different identities she creates that when she is disguised, it is impossible to tell whether she is lying or not, even through magical or psionic means.

    She is an expert in multiple forms of direct combat. Jane is a proficient martial artist (her preferred style is a self-made mash-up of Muay Thai and boxing that emphasizes quick yet devastating blows.) She knows the ins and outs of many different firearms from many different time periods, from muskets to laser rifles. The assassin is expertly trained in just as many melee weapons, and prefers knives or short spears.

    She is also a cyborg, though most of her augmentations are negligible. However, she can change her eyes however she likes to reflect a disguise, as well as her skin color. For self-defense, she can greatly increase her strength and speed, to the point that she can rip through some armor with her bare hands and keep up with automobiles.

    Backstory: Before she became the first member and second-in-command of the assassin's organization known as MURDER, Jane Doe was the best assassin her native world could offer. There was no mark that she couldn't successfully track down and kill.

    Her career as an assassin began when she killed a man in self-defense when she was fifteen. Although initially, she was very afraid of what would happen, the man's wife ended up paying her, as he had been unfaithful to her. Jane realized the money that could be made as a contract killer, and kept at it. After a few close calls with the police, Jane suddenly disappeared for years. Eventually, all searches for her were called off. What they hadn't realized was that she had left the country to train herself so that she would ever be caught again.

    It paid off. Jane went from an amateur killer to a master of disguise, espionage, and cold-blooded murder. Contracts became almost too easy. So easy, in fact, that she became incredibly rich. She was living the easy life, and it bored her. Desperate for a challenge, she started traveling to other dimensions, continuing her career as an assassin. Eventually, she found the Nexus, and delighted it its variety. She took her contract - to kill a bartender. Unfortunately, she was set up. This was just a way for the Operative to contact and test her. The ghost made her an offer, and she accepted. She now works for MURDER as their top agent.

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