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    Alias: That nasty halfling git

    Gender: Male

    Race: Halfing

    Age: 32

    Profession: Thief, poisoner, murderer, general prick, grave robber, body snatcher, bodyguard, assassin, kleptomaniac, etc.

    Description: Marciano wears a royal blue, tattered petticoat with faded gold epaulets. He has a large brown tricorn hat with an orange feather. He wears gray or brown trousers, along with a dirty white shirt. He is ugly, with black, chipped teeth, a large mole, and beady eyes, his hair is brown and greasy. His nose is also very large and hooked. He is rather unsanitary too. He wears one white glove stolen from Marty Aceford. He also has Marty's locket. His fingernails are dirty and his hands are covered in callouses. He has a bright orange ripped up cape that reaches the thin halflings knobby knees. He wears bright yellow socks and blue sandals. He has a faded brown belt with a bright red buckle. His clothing doesn't quite match. He sticks out in a crowd. His voice changes rapidly with each emotion he has. This is Marciano with his wife, Gristle.


    And Marciano by himself:

    Personality: Marciano is a nasty, gross, and downright horrible person. He steals, murders, kidnaps, and enslaves others. He is lewd and perverse in nature. He is perfectly content to watch others suffer. He has a good voice however and sings all the time. He tends to hate water. He is the embodiment of evil. He also possesses a wicked sense of humor. He delights in cheating, robbing, fraud and blackmail, relishing every aspect of them with glee. He is tough, greedy, brutal, stupid and crafty yet irresistible. He hates society and blames it and everyone else for all his misfortune. He is also the opportunist and realist of the show. He is a thief, a liar; a cheat who steals valuables from the dead with no remorse. His comedy is based in reality and is very exaggerated. A cruel, wretched, money-obsessed man who first appears as Elkandar's and Tyalla's keeper and tormentor. Marciano extorts money from whomever he can, and he frequently serves as an informant to whoever will bid the highest. His schemes range from robbery to fraud to murder, and he has strong ties to the criminal underworld in the Nexus. Blinded by greed, Marciano is incapable of loving other human beings and spends every minute in pursuit of money. Marciano is the epitome of evil. A continuous bane to humanity, he is also the chief representative of the worst elements of Cylar society. He is the product of laws that turn misdemeanors into major felonies, the outcome of a society where the honest poor can barely survive. His own lack of character leads him into a life of crime where his style of living is even worse than simply being poor. Yet, he is clever. He has the intelligence to rise above his circumstances, but chooses to use it for criminal ends.

    Equipment: Knife, torch,magical rope, rum bottle, check book, pistol, and cracked reading glasses. (Useless since he cant read.)

    Abilities: Marciano is a swindler and can sweet-talk his way out of most situations. He is good with his knife. He can disguise himself perfectly without using magic.

    Backstory: Hes a criminal always has been. He has robbed corpses and burned houses. He was responsible for the Aceford fire. He cut off Elkandar B'xarenef's hand. He tortured Tyalla with his essence sapping knife. He tried to kidnap Marty Aceford and failed. Instead he is to make a tidy half a million in gold counter-bribe. He has done much worse. However these are the only deeds he will admit to.Last time he bathed was a year ago.

    Miscellaneous: He has a wife named Gristle. She is also ugly and nasty, albeit much fatter. He also owns an inn within the Cylar fortress. He tends to crawl around and do his dirty deeds in the sewers however. To get a good look on Marciano's behavior listen to this.

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