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    Alias: Morphling
    Gender: Female
    Race: Tyalla has two Natural Forms. One is Elf, one is Werewolf. While she generally appears as one or another she is capable of morphing into whatever form she wants. ((To an extent, as she finds it difficult to do.))
    Class: ...Shifter I suppose...
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Class/Profession: Bouncer at the Sleeping Goblin
    Description: Tyalla's form cannot be described. While she is naturally Elven she changes her appearance at a whim, always appearing with small aspects of other races. In her Alternate Form, she's a huge wolf with pure white fur. As a wolf she also has very long teeth and claws.
    Personality: Tyalla is both hyperactive and happy-go-lucky. She can feel sad, but it never lasts longer than a few seconds. She sometimes speaks too quickly to understand properly when excited, and has a habit of hugging people when she's happy, regardless of who they are. It's a habit she's trying to break.
    However... when Tyalla is in a different form she has to compete with that creature's natural instincts, which are sometimes very overpowering. And in her Alternate Form the wolf overpowers her very quickly. She's dangerous when she's a wolf because she feels nothing but anger.
    Equipment: A small amount of gold. A longbow and some arrows. She's very good with a bow, but doesn't put much faith in melee weapons.
    Backstory: Tyalla was 'born' (morphlings aren't really born, they're created through rituals) into a clan of Morphers. They taught her everything she knows. However her restlessness and short attention span meant that she never truly mastered the art of morphing. Eventually her Instructors sent her away to find some other method of learning as she wasn't progressing at all. Tyalla eventually found her way to the Nexus and now works at the Sleeping Goblin to pay the bills for potions that allow her to keep control of her sporadic morphing.
    1. If Tyalla overuses her morphing abilities, it creates a rip in her fabric of existence. Morphlings have no souls, they're created from the very energy of nature, and overusing her powers, or using them incorrectly, causes very violent reactions where her nature starts unraveling. While this can be countered by absorbing life from surrounding plants, it leaves her very drained and ill.
    2. Tyalla can manipulate nature. It takes quite a bit of energy, and she doesn't use this ability very often, but she can move vines, trees, with her eyes, she can even ask for help from animals, all of which she can understand. This is not because she's any sort of mage, but because she was formed from the essence of nature itself.
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