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    I'll actually start on this system, because it's caught my fancy.

    Rune Level: Number of Runic Feats, plus or minus any modifiers. Maybe Wisdom or Charisma?

    Meaning: Summary of what the rune means, no mechanical effect.

    Base effect: Effect of the rune if used individually, which takes a move action and requires a touch to use on an ally.


    Meaning: Social Success, Financial Income, Possessions

    Base Effect: +1/Rune Level to social skills (Gather Information, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Bluff) for 1 minute/Rune Level.


    Meaning: Physical Strength, Speed and Potency, Action, Energy

    Base Effect: +1/Rune Level to grapple checks for 1 minute/Rune Level.


    Meaning: Reactive Force, Conflict, Cleansing, Fire

    Base Effect: +1/Rune Level to melee damage rolls for 1 round/Rune Level


    Meaning: Understanding, Communication, Truth

    Base Effect: Forces target to make a will save (DC 10 + scribes Rune Level) or answer truthfully to a single yes/no question.


    Meaning: Travel, Rhythm, Dance of Life.

    Base Effect: +5 feet/ Rune Level to movement speed for 1 min/Rune level.


    Meaning: Vision, Knowledge, Revelation

    Base Effect: Use Detect Magic as a caster of your Rune Level.


    Meaning: Gifts, Balances, Exchanges

    Base Effect: Each enemy that damages you in melee combat takes 1 damage/Rune level. This effect lasts 1 round/Rune level


    Meaning: Joy, Comfort, Harmony

    Base Effect: +1/Rune level on a single save versus a pain-based effect. This is an immediate action. You must declare your use of this ability before rolling.
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