Monday is reader participation day!

I am a bit compulsive when it comes to doing things systematically and putting everything in order. So right now I am trying to figure out how to structure the articles for humanoids before I start writing on them.
Looked through RPG books and some fantasy wikis, but their systems are all somewhat lacking. So here's what I have in mind so far:

This category is for all creatures of non-player races, including ogres and goblins.
  • Combat: A description of what tactics the creature uses and what special abilities it has.
  • Ecology: Where the creature lives, and what it lives on, and special biological traits it may have.
  • History: A brief summary of when the creature showed up in history, like being domesticated by humanoids or used in warfare.
  • Society: How groups of the creature live together and how it interacts with other creatures in ways that are not eating.

Humanoid Races
This category serves the same purpose as the creatures category, but is slightly different structured to better suit humanoid races.
  • Physical Description: The biological traits of the race.
  • History: As with the creatures, a brief summary of the global history, focused on the time before the establishment of current tribes and clans.

Probably the most important category for player races. These are like sub-races, ethnicities, or nationalities.
  • Physical Description: A short description of unique traits of the tribe, as well as special hairstyles and warpaint.
  • History: The early and recent history of the tribe.
  • Culture and Society: Social structure, social roles, typical government, and so on.
  • Religion: General trends in the most common forms of religions.
  • Magic: Spellcasters, views on magic, magical societies.
  • Relations: General views on other tribes.
  • Warfare: Equipment and tactics.

Clans are quite specific groups and as there are several hundred of them, only a fraction of them will get a description. These are all the minor lords with their main town and surrounding farming villages.
  • History: The clans history.
  • Politics: The clans leaders and relationships with other clans.
  • Religion: The primary religion shared by most clan members, including its religious leaders and specific deities or spirits that are worshiped.
  • Warfare: The clans military, including numbers of warriors, military leaders, equipment, and tactics.

The Creatures and Tribes categories seem well structured to me. But Races and Clans are still lacking. Especially Races is nowhere near usable yet. If you have good ideas what other categories to add, please share them.
I think clans could maybe be a bit longer, and I don't like the title "Politics".