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Remember the orog and ogrillion? Well, meet the ogren, a hybrid of ogre and hobgoblin! The ogren are a culture of rule-by-the-strongest warriors aren't they always? that have a savoring for elf and human blood, even going so far as to have blood sacrifices of the two species at their intertribal weddings known as "Takings".

Combining the best of both worlds, the CR 1 ogren is strong and steady (+6 Strength and +4 Charisma) like an ogre and as intelligent and clever as a hobgoblin, if a bit uncouth (-2 to Charisma). Basically, they're what you want as a DM desiring a clever and powerful warring species or a player wanting to play a rather strong species without intelligence penalties.
The bolded part bothers me, though. It appears to be a typo. What do they actually get a +4 bonus to? My guess would be Constitution, but you might want to check and fix that.