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    Default Re: Masters of the Sword: A Warblade's Handbook [Under Construction]

    Hi to all,
    this is my first post and I don't know if this is the right thread to ask for advice, so please bear with me if I'm wrong.

    I was looking for a list of maneuvers with ratings and I ended up in this thread with fully optiomized options.
    My party is nowhere near to be optimized, and I don't want a fully optimized build, but I would like some advices .

    I've just started a new campaign in FR and I'm playing a first level elven Warblade with the aim to enter the Eternal Blade prc.
    I've chose Exotic Weapon Proficiency for flavor and because I like to be able to use ANY weapon thanks to Weapon Aptitude;
    for the first time I'm also using a Spiked Chain because I want something with reach (I don't think I'll use it for tripping).

    I don't want to be a charger and I don't like the tiger claw (resembles too much the barbarian) and partially the Stone dragon (because I feel it's more dawrf-style) disciplines.

    Magic Items are very scarce in my campaign, and even when we meet a shop the items are random or prevently choosen by the DM.

    Given this introduction I have a couple of questions:

    - I'm attracted by the spiked chain + combat reflexes + thicket of blades + stand still "combo" for lock non-reach target into place, but I'm not sure if thicket of blades it's worth the investment of a feat (martial study) and the 15 lvl stance OR a dip in the crusader class (ideally I would like to go for warblade 10 / eternal blade 10) that would rob me of a readied maneuver.
    - I see that almost everyone agree that Ironheart aura + stormguard warrior + robillar's gambit can be addressed as the best route, but I wonder how well would it fare with a non-optimized build: granting +4 to hit and damage to all of your opponents seems to risky to me (I could die, opponent can get away negating my full attack...), isn't it better to do normal AoO?
    - imagine a warblade 10 / eternal blade 5: what maneuver would you chose (being 11 including the swaps) and waht would you keep readied (6). I have my own list but I'm curious about your preferences.

    Please remember that in my campaign optimization is nearly absent and the pc have almost 2 classes.

    Thank you very much!!!

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