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    Default Re: In the Name of the Lord God Almighty, Thou Shalt Perish! (3.5 Base Class, PEACH)

    Quote Originally Posted by DracoDei View Post
    Aura of Chaos is a perfectly reasonable name for such a class feature, but then again it is also the name of a Tome of Battle stance from the Devoted Defender discipline... consider changing it to "Chaotic Aura" or something? Or just leave it as "Aura" like for the cleric and paladin...

    ((Note to self: Edit linking in here later.))
    Well, actually the paladin's ability is called "Aura of Good" (for obvious reasons) but I see where you're coming from. Sure, Chaotic Aura sounds fine.

    Edit: Decided against "Chaotic Aura" because I already had "Lesser Chaotic Smite" and "Chaotic Smite", so it sounded repetitive. Instead, I changed it to Aura of the Chaotic Champion, which I think sounds much better.
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