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YES YES YES!!!! i love this concept..

I am going to add one minor thing though..

onyl smiting once per day per class level seems a bit underwhelming to a class that is built around smiting the CRAP out of his enemies!

id at least allow him an addtional numer fo times.. maybe equal to hconsitution modifier as I would assume smitiing would take a lot out of somebody.

my favoreitre ability of all is Disorienting smite.. daze? yes please!
He can spend any number of his Bonus Smite feats on Extra Smite, which can get him 2-3 extra uses of Smite, depending on which version of the feat you're going with (it stacks with itself and you can take it as many times as you like).

But I suppose adding a few daily uses would make it easier for the first few levels, so I'll make it Class level+Cha (Smiting would take a lot out on somebody, but he receives his power from his deity, so it would be based on the stat that links him to his god instead, which is Cha)