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I like it!

One thing though: How can a fanatic worship a deity of law (im thinking tyranny) but be chaotic? Would it be ok to limit it to non-lawful deities only?

Also, given the limited focus of the class (smites, smites and more smites) would be a good idea to make a prestige class version?
Sure, you could do that. Personally, I see it like a paladin. Paladins can devote themselves to any deity, but they must be honorable and virtuous, while fanatics can also devote themselves to any deity, but they must be willing to ignore all laws, customs and restrictions in order to bring justice to the world.

As for the prestige class version, eh. This class was originally created because of Ziegander's Smite Feats thread. Someone mentioned how a spell-less paladin could use them pretty well, and I decided to make a base class completely focused on Smiting. For the sheer bad assness of it.