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That is an awful lot of skills and skill points for someone whose entire purpose in life is to smashy smashy. Knowledge(Nobility and Royalty) doesn't jive with the chaotic alignment, unless it is mostly so he better knows how to talk his way out of trouble with the forces of Law which he has no respect for.
Escape Artist seems to come completely out of left field.
Escape Artist is because he is used to being bound and locked up for committing crimes in the name of his god. The high skill points are to make up for the fact that he gets absolutely no non-combat class features.

Again, more powerful than the paladin. Alignment really tells you a lot about a person, and thus the Detect <Alignment> very powerful in non-hack-and-slash campaigns (which they DO have the skill list and points for). I knew someone whose groups always bumped those up to 3rd level spells (dunno if they did anything with the paladins...). Consider making them pick one at first level, then giving the CG and CE's whichever one they didn't pick at some later level. Feel free to raid my Guardian of Minds for ideas on what to give the CN's at that later level.
I don't reward a Chaotic Neutral fanatic at all in this class. The fanatic is all about extremes. And even though you say this would be good for non hack and slash...the ability to detect alignments and the skill points are the only things the fanatic is able to contribute in those games, making him an awful terrible choice. (Basically just a ranger but without Track, Wild Empathy, or any of the other non-combat abilities and spells a ranger could be contributing)

Might need to specify caster level too... maybe if SR applies, but people should know that for Supernatural abilities (not that I can recall off the top of my head). Also good that you scale it with class level, rather than keeping it constant.
Supernatural abilities are not spell-like. They do not need to penetrate spell resistance, they cannot be dispelled, etc. No caster level necessary.

Equivalent to a 1st level bard spell? Might actually indicate this is overpowered.
Twice per day. At the same level that bards get first level spells. Bards get to use it automatically, meanwhile fanatics have to succeed on a melee attack (which limits its out of combat usefulness) and they can't use it on Chaotic creatures.

Eh, sounds good to me. The Warlock agrees with me (or maybe says it is underpowered).
Glad to hear it.

Don't know of any such feats (I believe you that they exist, I just haven't ever seen them), so I can't comment.
There are a few, but I was hoping to use a certain homebrew thread for them as well, however, I have yet to hear back from that homebrewer on whether I have permission yet or not.

Doing things this way keeps duel-wielding from stacking the confusion and sickening effects and gives even more reason to keep going with the class. I approve.
Yes. I could have just said "Smites now last for a full attack" but that would have been much worse. It would have rewarded dipping and TWFing, not what I wanted.

Did you word it this way specifically so they could stack it with the actual anarchic enchantment?
If by specifically you mean "intentionally", no I did not. Still, I don't mind if it does. If you keep reading, you'll see that Smiting takes care of damage just fine on its own. If a fanatic wants to waste 8000 gp getting a weapon enhancement that his class already gives him just to add 7 extra damage to his weapon when the majority of his class is DPS, more power to him.

Ok, reasonable upgrade. Not sure if it comes enough later or not, but a reasonable upgrade.
The confusion spell is 4th level, which means wizards got it at 7th, sorcerers got it at 8th, and fanatics get it at 9th.

Se my comments about double-smite... wait, does this mean if you get all the extra effects you want one the first hit, you still have to waste a per-day use if you want to attack that same creature any more?
Hm? What are you talking about? You don't have to spend daily uses of Fanatical Smite to add Smite-Enhancements. Smite Enhancements are free.

Nasty stacking in as much as it gains both duration and intensity. In combination with triple-smite this could lead to stun-locks.
Indeed, it could, but notice that it targets two different saves, making the stun lock more difficult than it might seem.

Seems to be a little late arriving.
I just read the Fear Handbook yesterday. I no longer underestimate the ability to basically at-will shaken creatures, especially when you use it again, and it frightens them, and then again, it panicks them. The duration in particular makes this extremely bad. (With Triple Smite, you could force a creature to panic for 1 minute, that's pretty much auto-win right there)