Since I get to be a player about as often as it snows it July, this snippet is written from the point of view of an NPC named White Crow. I was (and currently am) running the Red Hand of Doom.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine!"
I owed Herodrith and Tom a lot for saving me from a hobgoblin ambush, but I never thought my debt would lead me where it did. When I was the only one that was able to spot the ambush that was set for us later in our journey, I should have accepted Herodrith's offer of releasing me from my debt for having saved the group. At the time, leaving the group was the last thing in the world I wanted to do. I finally got to be a heroine, to travel the land and help people, just like the stories I had been told when I was a little girl. I was treated kindly by these adventurers, always thanked for assisting them in a difficult battle, or healing someone's injuries, or just relaying some piece of information I had recalled from the many things I had learned. I admired Tom and Herodrith, and I was even starting to like the warlock Zendra. I considered them friends, and I felt cared for and respected.

I was foolish and naive to think so.

The city Brindol had come under attack by the army of the Red Hand, and it was up to us to stop a group of giants from smashing their way through one of the city walls. Since the fighting at Brindol had just begun, I cautioned Herodrith that he and I needed to conserve our magic for the fights to come, but he disregarded my warning and called upon every last ounce of divine power he could muster in order to bring the giants down. Not long after we defeated the giants, Tom informed us that Lord Jarmaath needed us to thwart the dragon that was setting the town ablaze.

We rushed to where the dragon circled the city, and I fired my bow as soon as he flew within range. Though the arrow barely scratched its scales, the dragon ceased burning the town and began flying down to confront us.

"Is everyone ready?" I called out over my shoulder at the rest of the group.

"I'm out of spells!" Herodrith replied as he and the others quickly climbed inside his giant undead worm. "Don't worry, you'll be fine!"

As the worm bore them to safety beneath the earth, I realized I had been abandoned by them. The last thing I ever saw was a massive wave of flame as it engulfed my body.