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    Bugbear - Fighter
    Getting worried about the amount of damage his friends are taking, Bugbear starts to work his way over towards the surviving guard while doing his best to keep Krakkael held in the flames that continue to burn the dragon. "Hang on sister, I'm coming! Just gotta keep this one cooking a little longer."

    Move Action: Shift to I8
    Standard Action: Grappling Strike against Krakkael
    • Attack: (1d20+11)[19] vs AC (EDIT: Forgot to include the -2 to this attack, so 17 vs AC)
    • Damage: (1d6+6)[11] and Krakkael is grabbed

    Krakkael is marked by Bugbear.

    (If successful) Relevant Features and Feats:
    Inescapable Hold: Escape attempts are made against Bugbear's Fortitude (24 with Wrestler's Gloves).
    Iron Body Ki Focus Property: Bugbear has resistance 3 to all of Krakkael's attacks until the end of Bugbear's next turn

    HP: 46/51 | Surges: 5/10
    AC: 23 | FORT: 23 | REF: 15 | WILL: 15
    Conditions: -2 to attacks (save ends)
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