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    So, I've been doing some work on gnomes, but I have to say I don't have nearly as much planned for them as for the other races.

    I know I want them to have a kind, but pragmatic outlook. They know when they are outmatched, which is very often, and usually react to it by giving in now and appearing as pushovers. Once they are in safety, they make preparations for a next confrontation where all the advantages are on their side and they can take back what they had to give up. Which in warfare means traps, ambushes, and assassinations. It also gets them a reputation of being liars for making lots of promises they never intend to keep.
    Gnome mining is more along the line of family business of 20 to 30 miners and not the large scale industrial type often seen with dwarve cultures. It's only the trade and distribution that is centralized by the major towns, which buy the ore from the small mines.

    But I havn't really been thinking much farther than this. I want no prankster and inventor stuff, but alchemy might step in for that role. But yeah, that's not really that much to create an interesting and unique culture, that is still recognizable as a common fantasy culture. Do you have any ideas for gnomes or even dwarves from other sources?

    Edit: I do however, have the perfect style for gnome homes!

    Like so many of my age, this show defined "proper" fantasy for me.
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