For Battle Blessing, I realize there already exists a feat with the same name, and you're giving it to the paladin for free, but...

Okay, think about it this way: The paladin is the only character who qualifies for that feat. You are giving it to him for free. And, if this paladin was allowed in your game, you probably wouldn't be permitting the PHB paladin, right? That'd just be confusing.

So, in that respect, I think you should just port Battle Blessing into your class as a class feature. The way it is now, you have removed Battle Blessing's usefulness by basically turning it into a feat/class feature hybrid, like WotC did with Stunning Fist, except Battle Blessing can't even be taken and used pitifully by other classes.

So my advice is just say "Starting at 5th level, the paladin can cast spells from the paladin spell list with a casting time of 1 standard action as swift actions instead." Not only does it not put the actual feat in some kind of weird useless "I'm not a real feat" place like I mentioned up there, but it also allows your paladin to enjoy his nice class feature boost in a game where Complete Champion is not allowed (because the DM doesn't have it, or for some other reason)