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    Shaking off the poison, but still feeling sluggish, Mel invokes the Winter Spirits that infuse her winter herald's form. She slides forward and releases a burst of frosty strength trying to freeze her opponents and heal herself.


    Move: Shift to G6
    Minor: Healing Word on self, surge plus (1d6)[3]
    Standard:Winter Herald's Attack burst 1 enemies only
    Attack vs L2 AC - (1d20+12)[20]
    Attack vs D AC - (1d20+12)[23]
    Damage - (1d8+7)[10] cold damage and immobilized (save ends)
    Miss - 5 cold damage and immobilized until end of my next turn

    Free Action: Mark L2
    Saving Throw vs SLOW - (1d20)[11]

    HP: 31/65 | SURGES: 6/13
    AC: 20 (21) | FORT: 19 | REF: 14 | WILL: 18
    Conditions: BLOODIED (regen 5)
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