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What does MAR mean?
"More Acronyms Required."

I like the idea of a swashbuckling initiator, though personally I see no reason why Iron Heart fits the swashbuckler (Then again, I haven't played a warblade before, my knowledge of Iron Heart is admittedly mostly secondhand)
Iron Heart is all about combat expertise. According to the description, "Iron Heart maneuvers are demonstrations of uncanny martial skill—weaving patterns of steel that dizzy, confuse, and ultimately kill with no recourse." As for the maneuvers (the more important part)... Steel Wind, Disarming Strike, Wall of Blades, Absolute Steel Stance, Lightning Recovery, Mithral Tornado, Dancing Blade Form, Manticore Parry, Scything Blade, Adamantine Hurricane... all perfectly appropriate swashbuckler maneuvers, at least in my mind. The discipline has counters, multi-attack abilities, and more.