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    Gender: Male
    Race: Gnome
    Age: 42
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Profession:Marciano's partner in crime
    Description: Grantaire dresses in a green vest and black vest. His necktie is a faded silver. He has big, bulky boots. For a gnome hes rather strong, albeit lightweight. He wears a weird, flat, plop of cloth as a hat. He has a little cloak made of a stitched array of clothes. He answers to Marciano but is intimidated easily. He uses a nasty poison.

    Personality: Grantaire is frightened easily. He's not as evil as Marciano, nor is he as unsanitary. He tends to feel guilt. He is easily intimidated and follows Marciano because he can provide a decent payment. Grantaire would rather be doing something legal but is so scared of Marciano that he will follow Marciano anywhere.
    Equpment: Grantaire travels light. He has a backback filled with food, rope, and several nasty poison potions. He also has his fiddle.
    Abilities: Grantaire works with poisons, can play his fiddle, and use his rope.
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