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* Even in a nautical adventure, I may not play a Higgs Bo's'n.
I played in a game where a guy played a rogue/Lord of Silence(3rd party) named Higgs Boson. He had something like +70 to hide, and due to his class abilities could not be heard at all for the better part of the day. Throw in Darkstalker and a friendly, if morally bankrupt artificer PC, and he was absolutely undetectable to all but the most powerful spells(Discern Location etc) and the most esoteric senses(Lifesight, mindsight), and if the game had gone on any longer, he would have avoided those, too. Throw in Mostquito Bite, and an enemy would completely ignore him as he was stabbing their throat out. And, because just being undetectable is never enough, he could also sprint across continents, case dungeons in under a round, and with adequate preparation time, one-shot pretty much anything level-appropriate, if the term could really be said to have applied to that party. All at level 8.