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The chassis looks fine, although six dead levels in a row make me cry.
I'm still trying to come up with stuff to put in them. Suggestions would be more than welcome.

If you're implementing the standard homebrew swapping mechanic, I'd also allow for White Raven a cocky Swashbuckler shouting out orders to his allies seems entirely on point to me. But four is a good number.
This is even more reason to allow for White Raven. Maybe substitute it for Setting Sun?
Hmm... perhaps an either-or bit.

I like this conceptually mechanically, it feels far too imprecise. How about this:

"A swashbuckler thrives on momentum and risk. Every time you perform a Balance, Bluff, Climb, Escape Artist, Intimidate, Jump, Sleight of Hand, Tumble or Use Rope check during in a combat encounter, and do not take 10 or take 20, you have a chance to recover at least one maneuver. If you succeed on a check requiring a roll of at least 10, you recover maneuvers equal to half your Charisma modifier. Otherwise (if you fail or the check is insufficiently difficult) your recover only a single maneuver. You cannot recover the same maneuver two rounds in a row in this fashion, and you cannot recover maneuvers as a result of skill checks executed as part of a maneuver."
Oh, that's much better. Can I steal that?

Oh, that's interesting. It makes a Swashbuckler dip a very plausible choice for Rogues and scoundrel-types looking to grab Diamond Mind maneuvers, which I have no objection to.

Maybe specifically allow for paired one-handed weapons that normally allow finesse (thinblade, rapier, etc.), just so people can play horrendously inefficient Florentine swordsmen if they want to?
Hmm... I'll add in a line about that.

I feel like this could afford to come in a level or so earlier, but it's no big deal.
True, but I didn't want to make the class too dippable.

Okay, so the Swashbuckler is going to succeed on all but the most absurdly difficult Balance, Jump and Tumble checks. Got it.
Yup. That's the general idea.

I still feel like "stunts" needs a more precise definition.
You're probably right.

Maybe just give them the bonus during all surprise rounds? I know this is intended to push the swashbuckler toward a particular play-style, but saying they only get it for surprise rounds received as part of a "dramatic entrance" seems kind of arbitrary. Rather, the swashbuckler knows how to make any surprising entrance dramatic, and how to roll with that.
Yeah, that's probably a lot easier. Thanks.

Also, "a Swashbuckler can overwhelm foes with the sheer awesomeness of her maneuvers" needs to be changed. It's too internet-ish. Maybe just, "a swashbuckler knows how to make an entrance, and how to make an entrance count."
Ooh, that's much better! I need to stop writing these things at two in the morning.

Buckle Your Swash, as written, does not apply to Escape Artist checks, making this an impossible check.

This is very nice, but I'm not sure it should be the capstone. Seems more like a pseudo-capstone for 17th or 18th level to me.
I dropped it in at 20th so it's evenly spaced with Acrobatic Mastery, but I'm not entirely satisfied with it as a capstone either. I just can't think of anything better.