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The thread is a bit long to read completely, but i have a question:
Is there a way to buy the pdf prequel without anything else?
Make a $10 pledge and you get the PDF prequel (+ the other PDF stories that got added as bonuses). If you don't want the fridge magnet, when the drive is over and you get a form asking for your address write in the address field "No fridge magnet for me, thanks". Or just give to a friend.

Mind, you can pledge whatever you want (as long as it is above $10) to get the PDF. Just make sure to select:

A Roy Greenhilt fridge magnet, exclusive to this pledge drive, shipped anywhere in the world. Plus a digital PDF of the original OOTS story, "How the Paladin Got His Scar," when it is completed. (Note: All of the rewards below this include the digital download as well.)
Estimated Delivery: Apr 2012

And you're all good.