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A much better story would have him choosing the Rich Baker, the horrible amalgamation that was born in the early days of the Playground that required all 10s of us (at the time) to slay . . . mainly by reading the FAQ and getting Rich's last name correct.

But some say the Rich Baker lurks in the shadows of the site, biding its time, waiting for the perfect moment to erupt back into this world and slay its parental counterparts, taking the names of both and forging the most powerful gaming empire this or any other age has ever seen!

The early mods dealt harshly with those that proffered such preposterous prophecy. We routed the cult enclaves that clung to the name, but in the process I lost my eye and several of the initial mods fell to the foul powers wielded by the agents of the beast.

The times of prosperity that followed saw the rise of new mods to take the call and maintain the peace. Many years have past since those days of war and bloodshed . . . they occasionally still haunt my dreams. But as long as the tale of the Rich Baker is passed from generation to generation and the playground knows to be wary and watchful, the foretold reckoning can be delayed. As long as the last poster on the last day of the playgrounds existence does not forget, the Rich Baker can never win.
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