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So, I didn't start keeping track right away, but here are several values of $/backer from the last three days.
Well, you've forced my hand. If you're going to start quoting interesting statistics, I have to register and share what I have. Using the minimum dollar value of each pledge tier, I was able to create this breakdown:

% of Dollars Raised - Group
10.33% - Magnets and PDF(s) Only
20.08% - One Book
21.79% - Two Books
19.62% - Three Books
13.96% - Up To The Split
14.23% - Custom Artwork

(This comes out to 100.01% due to rounding. Percentages are based not on the pledge drive total, but from the sum of (# Backers * Tier Values). This leaves ~$22,000 unaccounted for -- 11.5% of the total. These numbers were calculated 15-20 minutes ago.)

Other interesting metrics:

13.33% - Autographed Books
45.21% - Pledges Include War & XPs
11.47% - No Books Other Than War & XPs
27.31% - From Pledge Tiers Added Thursday (1/26)

I'm fascinated by this last one. Clearly, participation in the last 24 hours has been massive, with one out of every four dollars (re)allocated recently. Personally, I'd love to play around with The Giant's Kickstarter dashboard for even more detailed metrics.