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[Outside the BDD]

She will find a boring roof, with large tan-painted steel housings for climate control units at intervals along its length. By the rusted look of them, and the peeling paint that was visible on the walls when she was at street level, this place has not been used in a while.

If she continues toward the unit that the winged figure ducked behind….. she will find a winged figure bent down near an access panel on one of the units. He has it propped open and is looking inside.

[Inside the BDD]

“My friend asks an interesting question.” She points out to Sevet. By ‘my friend’ she clearly means Mayhala. “Additionally, I can give you several reasons to betray your boss, one of which I think you’ll actually consider. You said you could accept a better offer. I may be prepared to give you one.”
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"Gasp!" Sevet says, and yes he does actually says the word gasp, "Mind control? Naughty, naughty." He wags his finger at Mayhala. As her eyes appear to eat the light around them, the screech of his chair backing up can be heard as he distances himself, but he doesn't seem to acknowledge that. "Assuming she's Siri, no I don't have anything against her. I'm working for him because, well, he asked me to work for him. I sorta need a boss, if that makes sense."

"I'm listening," is all he really has to say to Winguardia. His voice sounds genuinely interested, though
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Alysha tilts her head a little. Why do you need a boss?

Oh, hey...she's paying attention. Good for her!
Mayhala smiles, looking mildly amused at Sevet's reaction, and a bit pleased with herself. After all, she must be doing something right if she's freaking out the talking skeleton.

"Not mind control, exactly... If you want, I can tell you the details sometime,"
she says, settling back in her chair, and waiting for Winguardia to proceed with whatever she's proposing to the undead.