Thank you for your answers!
What do you think of this maneuver progression? "->" indicates a swap while "/" are choices i'm very pendent about

Warblade1: moment of perfect mind, steel wind, stone bones
Warblade2: leading the attack
Warblade3: mountain hammer
Warblade4: stone bones -> wall of blades
Warblade5: Iron heart surge
Warblade6: steel wind -> white raven tactics/insightful strike
Warblade7: mithral tornado
Warblade8: leading the attack -> ruby nightmare blade/insightful strike
Warblade9: disrupting blow
Warblade10: ????? -> rapid counter
EternalBlade1: greater insightful strike
EternalBlade3: finishing move/avalanche of blades (i'm not sure i'll take stormguard warrior)
EternalBlade5: diamond nightmare blade/adamantine hurricane
EternalBlade7: time stand still
EternalBlade9: strike of perfect clarity

I'm not very sure about ruby nightmare blade, insightful strike and mithral tornado because they provide something useful in the level when i'll pick them (i'm starting first level), but I will not be able to swap them out when I'll reach their upgrades, making them useless.

What about the readied maneuvers?
1: time stand still
2: strike of perfect clarity
3: moment of perfect mind
4: iron heart surge
5: diamond nightmare blade
6: greater insightful strike
7: white raven tactics
8: finishing move

What stances can you advise me?

thank you very much for your help.