Jat Quada

Gender: Male
Race: Jawa
Age: The Jawa equivalent of 28 in Human years
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class/Profession: Traveling Trader/Salvager
Description: Jat looks a lot like most Jawas. Three feet tall, hooded robe, glowing yellow orbs beneath the hood. The only things that are different are the armor plates on his robe, the slugthrower rifle on his back, and the gaffi stick in his hand.
Personality: Jat is slow to anger when it comes to anything but business.
Equipment: Besides the assortment of random droid, weapon, and other electronic parts in his cart Jat doesn't have much. His slugthrower rifle is very similar to a tuskan cycler except it uses parts from an imperial blaster to coat the slugs. His gaffi stick has a dagger-like blade on one end and a hammer/pick combination on the other. It has been made a vibro-weapon. He also has a translator/bodyguard droid which uses the chasis of a recon droid along with some other parts and an imperial blaster pistol.
Abilities: Is a decent fighter with both his rifle and his gaffi stick. Knows quite a bit about droids, weapons, and how they work. Is good at bartering.