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    5e Content
    Old 5e Tweak Repository
    Old 5e Houserule compilation
    Invoker, Int halfcaster

    3.X Base Classes:
    Obligatory Fighter Fix
    Because you're not a real Playground 'brewer till you have at least one. Actually pretty proud of this attempt.
    Warlock Fix.
    Nothing special, only a little boost to the Warlock to straighten out a few things.
    Hexblade Fix
    Much like my Warlock fix, only small tweaks to improve playability.
    Also contains a pair of feats that allows for great Hexblade/Warlock synergy.
    Dragon Shaman Fix
    Combines elements of the Dragon Shaman, Dragonfire Adept and Dragon Disciple into a hopefully simple and fun class
    Scout/Ranger Fix
    Combines the Ranger and Scout, which are already very similar, into one class. Not a huge leap in power but should be better.
    Soulborn Fix
    Tweaks numbers, fills in dead levels and is a nod to Person_Man's fix.
    The Tinkerer.
    A take on the Artificer, very fun little class.
    The Spirit Warden.
    A more spiritual/nature oriented version of a paladin, this is a class that is relatively simple to pick up and play without being left behind or unkillable.
    The Savage.
    Barbarian 'fix'. Uses a different mechanic to Rage that I think is really cool.
    The Legionnaire.
    A specific warrior along the lines of the Barbarian and Swashbuckler, this guy is made to fight with friends in heavy armor.
    Rogue Fix.
    Feels a little busy and doesn't quite fix all its problems so i'll try and get back to this sometime.
    The Archer.
    Another specific warrior, this splits archery into three styles and tries to make each one viable.
    Arcane Warrior.
    First base class I made, and it shows. Gish that uses Spell Points and summons his own gear.
    The Servitor.
    Pumped up Warlock with some extra flavor.
    Pokemaster, entry for the PFGBC XII
    Didn't win much, but it's worth having here.

    3.X Prestige Classes:
    The Dragonslayer
    A simple 5-level fix for the underwhelming 10-level Draconomicon version
    The Master Gaffer
    A crafting PrC focused around glass.
    The Castle Crasher.
    A warrior PrC focused on battering down all in his path.
    The Telestepper.
    Skirmisher PrC focused on teleportation and a little lockdown.
    The Occult Archer.
    A necromancer version of the Arcane Archer.
    Meat Shield Caster.
    Gish PrC, just makes casters a bigger problem than they are already. Give this one a miss.
    The Hammerspace Mage.
    All about extradimensional space, a very flavorful caster.
    The Faded Mage.
    Another flavorful mage PrC centered around concealment and displacement.
    Resonance Mage.
    Yet another flavorful mage PrC thats all about sonics. Caution: Must be blind to enter.
    The Fearmonger.
    A universal PrC based around fear and fear effects. Also got me an award in the PFGBC

    3.X Races:
    The Theg.
    Beetle humanoids with some neat fluff that got me one of the awards below.

    3.X Feats, Spells and Invocations:
    Leadership Fix
    Splits leadership down into 3 feats and slightly curbs is power.
    Homebrewed Evocation Spells.
    Introducing Pure Energy, a form of energy just for Evocation and brings blasting back into the picture.
    Homebrewed Invocations.
    A bunch of invocations and links down the bottom to other good invocations.
    Assorted Homebrew Items.
    Neat little doodads and cursed items that I have come across.
    Feats & Abilities.
    For thoughts I haven't completely hashed out yet.

    Simplified Skills.
    For those who want to streamline skills a little instead of just getting rid of them.
    Commonly Corrected Classes Compendium
    A thread I made a while back to bring all the common fixes to 3.P base classes into one place.
    Standard Homebrew Procedure.
    Just outlines the basics of how I usually set out to make my 'brews.
    Neat little non-magic healing item.
    This didn't really fit anywhere else, but it makes the heal skill quite handy.
    Mithantine Alloy.
    Another little thing that doesn't quite belong, just a homebrew mix of the two most popular metals in D&D.

    An old pet project, 3.U
    3.U Ideas and Chat.
    In its testing and refinement stage, but feel free to have a look and critique or take ideas if you like.
    3.U Classes.
    As above. Makes liberal use of an adapted ToB for martial characters as well as the simplified skill system above.
    Alternative Casting Mechanic.
    Still in development, it's vaguely similar in practice to truenaming except not powered by a skill check.

    Homebrew awards
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