I know you don't use alignement and you said your demons aren't inherently evil, but it seems that all your true demon types are leaning towards the evil side.

For example, a sort of humor-demon would lean a bit more to the good side, but is actually far more dangerous. Because if you're a demon, you don't want subtle limericks, you want good old slapstick. Or a little war, that would be funny. Mass suicide you say? Hilarious!

Or another example. You know how people love playing simulation games? The sims, Simcity, anno, Europa Universalis,...
They go from running the life of 1 person, to a city, to whole nations.
A sim-demon could be much like that, they pick out one person or city or whatever and try to lead him/it to greatness.
Again, leaning on the good side and it'll probably have good results, but it means losing most control over your life so still something that has it's bad sides.

There are many options for demons that don't lean towards evil, but still want to become to the material plane(s) to get their entertainment.
Voyeur-demons wanting to see secret things, thrillseeking-demons diving into a mortal's life and letting them do dangerous things to make the adrenaline flowing, culinary-demons possessing bodies to epxperience taste, tourist-demons that want to visit as much material planes as possible, banished demons, trying to get back to the void, merchant demons trying to make a profit, hunter-demons trying to kill difficult prey while inhabiting a weaker body, void-record demons trying to be the best at something or do the most of something or trying to get a silly record like people do.

There are a lot of options for demons so that they have no desire to destroy anything, but they are still incredibly dangerous.