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    Default Re: Masters of the Sword: A Warblade's Handbook [Under Construction]

    Quote Originally Posted by Elfin View Post

    Bolded maneuvers are those which are never traded away. Stances are in italics.

    L1 Charging Minotaur, Moment of Perfect Mind, Wolf Fang Strike; Leading the Charge
    L2 Sudden Leap
    L3 Wall of Blades
    L4 Wolf Fang Strike -> Emerald Razor; Blood in the Water
    L5 White Raven Tactics
    L6 Charging Minotaur -> Iron Heart Surge
    L7 Bounding Assault
    L8 Emerald Razor -> Death from Above
    L9 Pouncing Charge
    L10 Death from Above -> Disrupting Blow; Press the Advantage
    L11 Manticore Parry
    L12 Disrupting Blow -> Iron Heart Endurance
    L13 Swooping Dragon Strike
    L14 Bounding Assault -> Avalanche of Blades
    L15 White Raven Hammer
    L16 Sudden Leap -> Diamond Nightmare Blade; Stance of Alacrity
    L17 Time Stands Still
    L18 Iron Heart Endurance -> Strike of Perfect Clarity
    L19 War Master's Charge
    L20 Manticore Parry -> Mountain Tombstone Strike
    This was a maneuver progression that I wrote up for a charger-type, but it's pretty generic and would work well for many builds. The focus is on Diamond Mind, Iron Heart, and White Raven; you could focus on Tiger Claw rather than White Raven by switching the levels at which you take Blood in the Water and Leading the Charge, picking Steel Wind rather than Wolf Fang Strike at first, taking Leaping Dragon Stance rather than Press the Advantage, taking Feral Death Blow rather than War Master's Charge, and replacing White Raven Hammer with a maneuver of your choice. The L10-12 maneuver choices are also very malleable.
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