"I think you'll find my offer appealing for four reasons." She leans her elbows on the table and gestures slightly with her hands as she speaks to him.

"First, you can keep the kitten and as many more as you'd like to collect. I would never force you to give your pet away to further my own ends.

Second, there will be a small sum of cash in it for you. Not enough to get rich on, but enough to keep yourself in matchbooks... or even larger burning things if you wish.

Third, you might gain a friend, if not much of a boss.

Fourth, and most importantly, unlike your current boss, I would NOT use you to help me dismember someone and leave them to slowly die just so I could collect a bounty on their wings." Pity he doesn't have a face. She'd be able to tell a lot about this fellow if she could read his non-verbal response to that. "I'm guessing your current boss didn't mention that was part of your current job description, did he?"