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Alysha tilts her head a little. Why do you need a boss?

Oh, hey...she's paying attention. Good for her!
"I just sorta... do. Like, I can't function if I'm not working for someone." He doesn't really understand it, but his mind was literally created by his first master to be subservient, though not necessarily loyal.

"Not a bad offer," he says to Wingaurdia. "And no, he didn't mention that little caveat, but hey, I've worked for people who've wanted to take over the world. It isn't surprising that I've been picked up by someone who does something nasty. How gruesome that sounds is a bit new though..." There's just a bit of weariness, almost annoyance, in his voice. Seems he's tired of working for the bad guy, but he's given up trying to fight it. "He did mention you were a criminal, though. I thought he was some sort of detective. I suppose the question 'do you deserve it' would come next, but like I said, I've probably worked for worse." He pulls the out match from his socket. "If a warm place to stay is in that offer somewhere," which is the only real want or need besides a boss, "just tell me what you want to be called."