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    [Just outside the BDD]

    For anyone capable of seeing magic the spell will roll over the figure like a wave, and shed off of his wings like water off of a well-oiled duck. It seems to interact with his person, but only slightly. It slows him down as he stands up and turns to face her.

    To a normal person his face is still completely hidden by the darkness under his hood. To a half-drow, his features should just be visible.

    His eyes are strangely dark, like Winguardia's, and his cheekbones stand out above his sunken, bearded cheeks.

    He says nothing. Instead he stares at her, letting his silence draw out until the moment becomes palpably awkward.

    [Inside the BDD]

    ((An edit with a response to Sevet is coming. Just give me a moment, please. ))

    ((Here's the edit:))

    “I’m sure I could pay enough for you to rent a little apartment. Would that be warm enough?” she asks the skeleton.

    “And I wouldn’t be able to tell you which crime he thinks I committed unless you tell me who he is.” She informs Sevet.
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