[Outside the BDD]

"Then one ought to be less suspicious." he replies. His voice is deep for a man with such a small frame.

"It is more questionable to sneak up on someone and cast magic at them. It is criminal in some countries." His tone carries a hint of threat.

[Inside the BDD]

“First off, you’re not ‘all mine.’ I don’t own you. That would be horrible. Call me Siri, and I need to know your name.”

Then he adds his last sentence. “Reclaimer”… her eyes seethe. “Yes. It means everything.” She forces herself to look less angry. “You were dealing with the Council’s current Reclaimer of Wings. He … or she, though I know of no females… is in essence a bounty hunter in the Council’s employ. In his eyes I am a criminal. The crime I am charged with is treason. There is only one trouble with that. To commit treason one must betray their government. I never swore fealty to the Council and thus never betrayed them.”

She half closes her eyes, as if trying to remember something.

“Tell me, does he have dusty-black wings, stands about a foot taller than me, wears black leather gloves, hair cut and attitude like he thinks he’s exceptionally handsome?” she basically just described the man tracking her.