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    [Outside the BDD]

    "You met another Celestial? Please, do tell me where. I should like to meet one of my own race here. We are not common." He steps closer, allows his hood to slip back just far enough that oblique rays of light make his expression visible, and he smiles. It would be a charming smile in an excessively self-confident way, if it were not for his long, sharp fangs.

    [Inside the BDD]

    "Your boss is named Brian. I know him better than I'd like, but there are very few Aerials in my world, and we live a few thousand years, so it's inevitable." Odd, before this she was using the term 'Celestials'... "I think you'll soon find, by comparison you're now working for the 'good guys'." She smiles. She seems relieved, and her posture is becoming more relaxed.

    "Well, Sevet, now that you're not trying to kill me, it is a pleasure to meet you." She offers the skeleton her hand to shake.

    "We should try to make sure he continues to think you're human." She tells Alysha, "Harming a human would cost him his title and involving a human in Celestial affairs would be beneath him, so he won't openly attack until I'm alone."
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