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    Nixa Vivilandra

    Gender: Female
    Race: Nixa is a dark elf (drow), however she's detached from her species. She was raised by dragons, speaks the dragonic tongue better then the common one and is even part dragon. A very small part, but she does have claws (which she hides), wings (which she keeps firmly closed), and a small sack inside her throat containing a flammable liquid that she can ignite, allowing her to breath fire or, for a brief time, heat the blood in her veins.
    Class: Sorceress specializing in necromancy, enchanting and destruction magic.
    Alignment: Entirely Neutral
    Description: Nixa is a dark elf with white hair that pretty much hides her completely. She has red eyes (from her dragon blood) and people are generally under the impression that she's evil as a result. She wears a swirling black dress with boots and gloves that reach up to her elbows. These gloves hide both her claws and her terrible burns recieved from living with dragons. She never takes them off in public.

    Nixa is not evil. She simply doesn't care much about others. While she is a necromancer, Nixa prefers enchanting to raising the dead. She's very focused on her magical studies. She's also very proud. Nixa is quite self-absorbed, with the idea that everyone is lucky to be in her prescence, and it is for this reason that people tend not to like her very much. However, if she deems a person useful, she is a lot more likely to treat them with kindness.
    Equipment: Nixa doesn't carry much with her. She has a small pouch with extra-dimensional storage space where she keeps books, gold, potions and the like. While her bag does contain several daggers, Nixa doesn't like weapons very much and never uses them.
    Abilities: Nixa can breath fire due to her dragon blood. She does have claws, but rarely uses them. She also has wings, but they are too weak to lift her from the ground and she keeps them tucked away out of sight.
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