Marciano and Grantaire enter. The thieves have blood splattered on them. Evidently not theirs. They're covered in sewer water. Marciano is positively beaming. His greed temporarily sated. Oy, Grantaire! W' go' two 'undred gold from tha' drow bard. He won' be able to play 'is lute again! Bwahahaah! Yup! I coul' see why! Awfully 'ard to play with only one 'and!!! Shoul' I 'ave grabbed th' 'and? Nah....We go' enough profit. Plus! We go' thi' rose.....why is it glowing an' what does it do.....'Ow th' 'ell shoul' I know?! They chatter and laugh greedily. They sit at a table. The pair of crooks look very happy.