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Hmmm. Interesting properties, but wasn't something akin to "quick" covered in the Dmg and "Weak" in complete warrior?
Nothing akin to "quick" was covered in the DMG; there are Speed weapons, but that's a magical property that does not stack with Haste, while this is a natural property of the weapon that stacks with Haste or Speed.

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Quick is actually a rather bad property, except in 4e: you can't trade your standard for a move, you can't use the standard now to attack, so you're stuck in place, without movement, and unable to do much else.
Unless you're using your standard action for something else (e.g. drinking a potion or poisoning the weapon). And of course the bonus attack whenever making a full attack can be useful, especially for ranged weapons (where you don't have to start your turn based in order to make a full attack.)

Also, what does super exotic do/give you?
It's a liability; it would be put on weapons that have features that would otherwise make them too powerful.