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I LOLed. Poor NPCs, such is their lot in life. One of these days I have some great NPC-perspective stuff I want to write up in this same vein (being abandoned, forgotten, ignored, etc) that I think would be highly amusing. This was really fun to read and believable; I especially loved the moment where White Crow naively attempts to advise a PC on how to approach a problem
Sadly, that's how they treat NPCs that they like. I have quite a few good moments from that disastrously ended RHoD campaign. Here's one of my personal favorites. I decided to give them the opportunity to rescue one of the Brindol Knights delivering the gold for the dwarves, but ...

A Paladin's Payment
I had thought at first it was the ettins coming back to finish me off, but when I was roused it was by the sweet sensation of divine healing magic. I immediately sat up to thank my rescuers, and saw that the ettins lay dead and the goblins were nowhere to be seen. A human and an elven man were tending to the corpses of the giants, a halfling was investigating the area to make sure it was clear, and the one tending to my injuries was a brown-skinned human girl. She smiled at me as I observed my surroundings.

"Good, you're awake," the human male said as he and the elf approached me. "We found three chests. Are they yours?"

"Ah, indeed they are sir," I replied, getting to my feet.

"I see you're an elf," the elven man said. "Herodrith, we could use a lovely little elf wench like this around."

"Excuse me?!" I said indignantly. "I am Maynara Valera, Knight of Brindol and a Paladin in the service of ..."

"Oh $#@% she's a paladin!" Herodrith exclaimed. "Right, load the chests up. We're leaving."

"But those are mine!" I protested. "I must deliver them to the dwarves so that they will aid Brindol against the Red Hand of ...."

"Don't care. I hate paladins. You're all brainwashed drones. Tom, White Crow, Neila, let's go."

Without so much as another word Herodrith and Tom secured the chests meant for the dwarves, loaded them into a wagon, and quickly were on their way. White Crow and Neila barely had time to get to the wagon, and before I knew what had happened they were gone, with White Crow bidding me a hasty apology as they drew out of sight.

I hate adventurers.