Deep inside the forest, three days from the nearest elven settlement, stands a single mountain that rises high above the surrounding trees. The entire top has been carved out into a large castle, which is the largest known fortress in all of the Barbarian Lands and if fully inhabited would easily be the continents greatest city. Despite being one of the largest and best preserved ruins of the fey, pretty much nothing is known about it at all. There are no hints whatsoever, who build it for what purpose, and why it was abandoned. The size of stone tables and benches, and the staircases that run everywhere through the ruin indicates that it was probably inhabited by shee, but that is where common knowledge ends.
While storms are not particularly common in the area, those who have been in the city all reported extremely strong wind that almost constantly blows through the narrow allies and makes it dangerous to get to close to edges that don't have high railings. There are no large flying beasts like griffons or wyverns living on the cities spires, and even on the inside it's mostly rats, bats, and other vermin. The most probable reason for this is, that the entire place is haunted. Reports are conflicting about what kinds of being are haunting the place. Some say it's spirits, ghosts, or wraiths, and there are even occasional claims of demons. How many of these creatures are haunting the massive fortress is anyones guess. What is known is that the whole place is mildly tainted. Even explorers who have left the place before nightfall report of feeling an unnatural fatigue that often lasts for days afterwards. For attempts to delve deeper into the ruins magical protection is needed and some adventurers tell of halls that made their protective charms break and rot away the moment they set foot inside it.
The outer parts of the city are relatively easy to explore, with the strong winds being the only thing that may be difficult to deal with. However, it is believed that the corridors and stairs reach all the way down to the mountains base and that the whole mountain has been hollowed out by the castles builders. There are some open shafts that provide air and a slight amount of light to parts of the deeper chambers, but once one leaves the outer streets and the rooms directly adjacent to it, the entire ruins lie in complete darkness. Only the outermost portions of the ruins have been explored, and there are no known tales of anyone ever making it up all the way to the highest spires.

Since it has been thousands of years that the entire place stood empty, almost all wooden furniture and tapestires have been rotten away ages ago. But there are some rooms that are remarkably well preserved, assumedly by magic, and still show some of the cities original splendor. Even while the outside streets are covered in dust and small plants have cracked open many of the stones, one can still see that the original architecture was much more advanced that anything mortal masons can do in the present age. Unlike most fey ruins, the stone blocks that make the outer buildings added to the rock have no rounded edges and are seamlessly fitted together.