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    Ashtrek, The Dark Falcon

    Alias: Ash
    Race: Thrashian-Hyena Hybrid.
    Age: 34
    Class: Hunter
    Alignment: She goes by her Feelings, though She's learning that Destruction isn't her only outlet. Chaotic Good/Lawful Nuetral most of time.
    Power Level: B+
    Description: Large Anthropomorphic female Wolf/Hyena. 10' 9", But Capable of Changing Size At Will. She has Brown Fur with Tan and Black Patches, Red Hair, Ear Piercings, other Piercings in places that shall not be named, an a Large Tattoo on her Right arm that reads 'Be not afraid when the dark falls and the dead rise. You are the Smiter of Evil..."
    Abilities: Heals from wounds. Capable of Changing size at her Whim (only up to 50 feet)
    Equipment: MP-44 SMG, .50 Caliber DEagle Magnum, Wrath of Amatersu Adimantium Katana. Ammo Pouches.
    Personality: Ashtrek isn't as aggressive as she used to be in day to day interactions, though due to Life in the waste lands, She's Far more Deadly when She or someone Close is being Faced with Death...
    Backstory: After a Global Thermonuclear War combined with a Virus that wipes out Mankind, Ashtrek becomes more Hyena like to Put up with lack of Food and Scavenging. She Packs more Heat, Carries more Ammo, but is Less Likely to Use Them.
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