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Thank you for your input Elfin. I have a couple of questions:
  1. what maneuvers would you generally keep readied?
  2. having at most only two counters (moment of perfect mind and wall of blades, if you keep both ready) how much would be useful Stance of Alacrity? Aren't there better stances to be in?

I'm concerned because while SoA obviously gives the best when you use one counter per round, on the other hand is useless if you don't have (readied) counters. It seems to me that you have to keep ready a reasonable amount of counters and you have to refresh your maneuver as soon as you end your counters for SoA to be effective (without considering that you are reactive and not proactive: no counterable action from your opponents, no use for counters).
Am I missing something?
Yes, yes you are. Boosts are activated as swift actions. Swift actions eat up your immediate actions. It takes an immediate action to use a counter.