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It also helps TWF a lot, with it you can use a boost every round and you still have a counter prepared in case you need it.
Giving a second thought, boosts have to be taken in account considering Stance of Alacrity

These are all the counters avaible to a warblade:
  • Moment of perfect mind
  • action before thought
  • Wall of blades
  • mind over body
  • lightning recovery
  • rapid counter
  • iron heart focus
  • manticore parry
  • diamond defense

and these are the boosts:
  • sudden leap
  • lion's roar
  • white raven tactics
  • boulder roll
  • fountain of blood
  • covering strike
  • dancing mongoose
  • moment of alacrity
  • iron heart endurance
  • quicksilver motion
  • scything blade
  • clarion call
  • girallon windmill
  • raging mongoose

I would like to go warblade 10 / eternal balde 10, so at level 15 (when I'll get to choose the eighth level stance) I will know 11 maneuvers, 6 of which I could keep readied.

What do you think of this configuration?
  1. Moment of perfect mind
  2. Wall of blades
  3. rapid counter
  4. white raven tactics
  5. adamantine hurricane
  6. finishing move
  7. diamond nightmare blade or another Diamond Mind maneuver (bonus via eternal blade prc)

I have a question regards adamantine hurricane: if I have reach do I still hit only adjacents enemies?
What do you think is better between Supreme blade parry, hearing the air and press the advantage?

Thank you!!!